Overview of EKTA


 Overview of EKTA

Ekta will be one of the first blockchain projects to truly merge the physical world with the on-chain world, but what does this mean in practice? To explore this, we must consider the story of how physical assets can be represented as digital analogues.

Beginning with the rise of security tokens, representing equity and other securities in blockchain's early history, crypto natives have long sought to represent the value of physical value on the chain. This eventually led to the rise of the non-fungible token, commonly known as the NFT, which represents a token that is digitally and cryptographically unique or has an intrinsic link to an asset. or real-world items. Due in part to their novelty, ease of transaction, and utility, NFTs have quickly gained prominence both inside and outside the blockchain industry.

To this end, Ekta will launch its own NFT marketplace and platform. This brand new trading and exchange venue for NFTs will be a blockchain-based cross-platform ecosystem for sharing and trading physical assets represented in digital format. Through the Ekta NFT marketplace, Ekta will provide a new way for NFT creators and NFT-represented physical asset owners to connect with consumers and brands through their digital collection. surname. But what can these newly minted NFTs represent?

In the world of Ekta, NFTs represent ownership, fractional ownership or land tenure rights in Southeast Asia. This could include a resort villa, a piece of beach frontage, or access to a marina. Eventually, Ekta will extend this functionality to real estate, properties and utilities worldwide. For example, through Ekta, proportional ownership in a forest can be provided in a primary forest with the goal of carbon offsetting, or an entire ecosystem can be protected through ownership. on blockchain.

Throughout Ekta's initial lifecycle, we will seek to work closely with real estate and land developers in Southeast Asia who wish to collaborate with our vision of building a truly inclusive and sustainable ecosystem where the digital and physical worlds collide.


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