Qindo - Universal Social Capitalism Way to Make Money


With today’s technology, we are seeing opportunities for more Direct Democracy which finally removes the need for a centralized socialist government. Direct Democracy and/or new forms of consensus are the key to a Decentralized form of Socialism. Smart contracts in a blockchain currency are another way to decentralize authority in a socialist system; through consensus, we could collectively build economic policy into our currency. A much more moderate approach to archive the Decentralized Socialism would be the Qindo Social Finance proposed by Qindo Network. All of these are ways we can iteratively improve on the versions of socialism that failed before to replace the form of capitalism that is failing now.

What is Quindo?

Qindo builds a community-driven hyper fluid yield system through crypto-communities, social networks, and human generations thanks to outstanding social and financial use cases of NFTs & FTs and to utility-driven disinflationary mechanisms.

The mission is to build universal social capitalism without tax as a fair alternative means to make money. In a world where everything and every being on the web is a valuable asset, our revolution of DeFi and DAO will go beyond Anon Social Finance and social use-cases of all assets and innovations.


Building a utility-driven disinflationary system through web 2 & web 3 community-owned promoting and financing system with QINDO as popular fungible and NFTs as mutable users identities

Features of Quindo

Super-powered tokens - Use your own NFTs & FTs to build passive incomes and tradable future yields.

Web 4.0 concept - Discover a world where personal and community financial wealth is simply fuelled by enjoying the web fruits.

Social Democratic DAO - Join a DAO giving vote power to anon social beings whatever its holding to regulate financial and democratic powers

Positive & Negative Reflection - Hold, burn and earn $QINDO in a first-of-its-kind 'media socialist concept.

Live & Earn - Turn your social being into a solidary self-productive asset.

Lock & Balance - Drive a community fund by locking and borrowing tokens with augmented NFTs.

How does it work?

Use $QINDO money or NFTs in a participatory promoting engine to farm yields as never before.


. Connect with a web 3 provider and a web 2 authenticator.

. Link an NFT to your own social item ranked by our search engine (we will start with Instagram API) to become a Qindoer and jump into web 4 with your super NFT avatar.

. Use/burn $QINDO to give likes as many time as allowed by the algorithm.

. Earn $QINDO from $QINDO used by others.

. Claim $QINDO earned for having used them for tiers and according to their scores.

. Unlink and trade your NFT with its future personal yield through the Qindo interface.

. The algorithm building scores is based on the differenciation between $QINDO used by the owner of the NFT linked to an item (A) and tokens used by others for this item (B) and on a reflexive solidary reward system with relative difficulty in use

Positive reflection (burn&rebase) mechanism

$QINDO rewards for holders are made by burning token used/burnt and resize circulating supply linked to $QINDO holdings. This rebase mechanism is not price-driven but supply-driven.

Negative reflection (mint&rebase) mechanism

The token supply linked to $QINDO holdings is resized according to tiers likers $QINDO rewards claimed for minting. This rebase mechanism is not price-driven but supply-driven

Lend and borrow as never before

Use NFTs to build non-custodial collateral and p2p borrow any fungible tokens at your own conditions or trade claims or collaterals.

Use NFT Fund Balancer underlying as noncustodial collateral you want to borrow

Add ACTIF to determine your Loan To Value (LTV) and choose your interest rate to attract lenders

A lender accepts the offer through Qindo interface by underlying an NFT with a claim

You borrow without term and liquidation risk

Borrow demands and debts are tracked in Qindo's interface and tradable

Borrowers and lenders will be able to build pools.


Token Name: Quindo Network

Token Ticker: QUINDO

Network: ERC-20

Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 QUINDO

IDO/ICO: No Presale

80% Supply allocated for Bounty and the remaining will be rewarded for liquidity lockers


Q4/21: $QINDO fair launch

Q1/22: Semi-Fungible Balancer

Q2/22: Liquid Sovereign Collateral

Q3/22: Community Promoting Power


Qindo mechanism is based on a participatory promoting system for the social network, a permissionless and unlimited tokenized like system that rewards users and the community following disinflationary Proof of Social utility algorithm.

Read More

Website: https://www.qindo.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/QindoNetwork

Telegram: https://t.me/QindoGroup

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/EMn7k8M7


Bitcointalk Username: Gambangcity

Bitcointalk Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1855982

Telegram Username: @Gambangcity

ERC-20 Wallet Address: 0xbd4e6B6E19c55D117badfa5C218Ae03263df6072

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