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 Revenue Coin

In this era of globalization, time is very important for everyone. Nowadays digital currencies have been introduced to reduce transaction time. If you are interested in joining the project, Revenue Coin you should read the information that will help you get information that can help you in seeing your vision and mission

The creator economy, though young, is growing at a rapid pace. If you spend time on the Internet, you’re likely to notice fast-paced developments in various corners of the web: cryptocurrencies and altcoins, decentralized social media platforms and NFTs, fast-growing one-person startups, and million-dollar SaaS businesses. The Creator economy is facing challenges in the form of product commercialization. While product design and creation can be the outcome of a brilliant idea, reaching out with information, sales, and advertising requires considerable expenses and other skills. In this respect, RevCoin also brings the creators closer to capital by aiding exciting projects.

What is Revenue Coin?

Revenue Coin is innovative, unique globally, and the first token that connects network users with companies. As a result, RevCoin revolutionizes the token market and provides many clever, creative entrepreneurs with access to financial support through a community of millions of users. In exchange, companies are determined to share revenues with token owners. Therefore, the owners of RevCoin tokens receive a “dividend” in the form of companies revenues.

RevCoin supports individualism and helps people access projects that some time ago were restricted exclusively to business sharks, investment funds, and banks. That is why it is a ground-breaking project that incorporates the experience of mature stock markets and benefits from revolutionary and increasingly popular opportunities offered by blockchain technology. This means that the issue of RevCoin, the first revenue token, changes the world of venture financing.

Why is RevCoin Unique?

Revenue Capital (business accelerator) accumulates the funds of a blockchain community to seize a market opportunity at the right time and to extensively stimulate the funding of value creators and projects that, according to experts and communities, deserve global, marketing, and financial success. This action is possible at the stage of the commercialization of ready-made products or undertakings, and it aims to increase the number of clients and increase sales revenue. Creators and their projects, once recapitalized, allocate part of their revenues to increase the value of the token by buying and burning it, which translates into the profit of the investor’s community. Revenue Capital ensures technological cooperation, settlement, acquisition of tokens, liquidity, and presence on the exchange as a system operator.

How does a token work?

Revenue Coin (RevCoin) is a revenue token. In buying RevCoins, you acquire the right to part of the company’s revenue. The settlement between the enterprise – the issuer of tokens – takes place by buying and burning tokens. This directly drives the increase in the value of other RevCoins. This is similar to the mentioned above share buyback mechanism, where the decreasing number of shares increases the price.

The community buys Revenue Coins : Blockchain technology allows reducing costs and formalities related to the purchase of tokens. Transaction security is ensured by the RVC smart contract, which has been audited by external companies.

The capital goes to young companies : Projects earmarked for funding are selected by the community and Revenue Capital experts. Companies agree to transfer part of future revenue for the purchase and burning of Revenue Coins.

Companies grow and their revenues increase : By providing funding and know-how, companies’ revenues increases and part of them goes back to the Revenue Capital ecosystem. Currently, there are two profitable companies in the ecosystem: Exeria and SkyRocket.

Tokens purchases from the market : Revenues received from companies as part of the ecosystem are used for the systematic buyback and burning of tokens. This reduces their supply on the market while increasing their value, generating profits for Revenue Coin holders.

Why is buying Revenue Coin profitable?

The value of RevCoin is increasing due to the continuous buyback-and-burn mechanism. The initial price for RevCoin token in the sale is USD 0.012. Once 10% of the market share is reached, token valuation will amount to USD 0.86 already in the first year. The buyback and burn mechanism will continue to drive the increase in RevCoin’s value by increasing its economic potential. This means that when you buy tokens as one of the first, you should expect a huge difference between your purchase price and the actual value of RevCoin.

Usage of Revenue Coin

Exchangeability - Revenue Coin will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges, guaranteeing its exchangeability with other currencies on these exchanges.

Hidden products - Only Revenue Coin holders will be able to access special offers of new products, unique configurations or the price offers of existing products.

Voting Rights - Revenue Coin holders have a say in making decisions as to which subsequent, prospective projects will receive funding from Revenue Capital.

Wrapped Token - Revenue Coin will be linked to ETH, which will allow creating an ETH-indexed token. This will increase their liquidity and capital efficiency.

Payment function - Revenue Coin will exist as an internal means of payment within the Revenue Capital ecosystem.


Token Name: Revenue Coin

Token Ticker: REV

Blockchain: Erc-20

Total Supply: 8,888,888,000



Traditional finance staying the same for an extended period of time, meanwhile, bursts of innovations in decentralized finance, cryptocurrency, and venture capital are changing the way we handle money. Revenue capital combines these game changer to create the most inclusive, large-scale funding revolution for new and seasoned investors. Revenue capital offers a solution that frees you from the grasp of traditional finance that relies on you to make profits. At revenue capital, the goal is to connect you to profitable businesses looking to expand operations so you can invest in them and make money as they grow.



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