Inside the Crypto Surfing Platform SurfMoon

Hi friends, this time I will provide information about a very interesting project for you to know about a new cryptocurrency called SurfMoon. Before going to the discussion, I think we all agree that blockchain technology still needs efforts to encourage adoption so that it continues to grow and continue to develop in the future. So for that, let's see a brief review of the SurfMoon project below.


SURFMOON is a decentralized travel-based user generated content BNB redistribution smart contract based platform created to revolutionize the travel industry, $SURFMOON, a travel-based BNB redistribution token, is a decentralised platform designed to reduce the constant “feedback loop” type promotions that many hosts and landlords do. The goal is to reward real people that use their earnings from all over the world to go on a holiday, truly something that will make every single person love every second of their work week.

Why Binance Smart Chain?

Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange globally, with Smart Chain being their native blockchain network. With Ethereum gas fees skyrocketing, BSC became a viable alternative to launch tokens effortlessly as it is EVM compatible, borderless, and with extremely fast block speeds and swaps. In addition to these advantages, it is extremely secure which ensures investments and funds are SAFU.

Travel Platform

The ability to pay for travel by using a cryptocurrency that is partnered with the leading flight, hotel and rental providers is SurfMoon’s long-term goal. This will not only mean ease for millions around the world to book their getaways, but will also create huge opportunities for SurfMoon. Of course at the moment the viability of such a move is low, but with the increased demand year-on-year for travel, secure payments and cryptocurrency in general, it is not unlikely that we could one day hope to achieve this goal.


Our tokenomics structure include BNB reflections, which is the current trend in the community coin space. This differs from native token reflections in that it prevents the chart from dumping from sales, as well as promotes holding and inspires investor security. If the tokens market cap suffers, all of those holding the native token suffer too. Whereas if BNB reflections are distributed, there is less of a likelihood of it impacting investor portfolios. In addition to this, BNB reflections also promote purchase of the token, as it can serve as a mean of passive income.


Phase 1: Launch

Deploy Surfmoon Contract

Publish SurfMoon website

Assemble a dedicated team who believe in the long term vision

Conduct a private sale

Marketing for whitelisted presale applications

Surfmoon whitelist presale applications open

Phase 2: Development

Marketing for whitelisted presale

Whitelist presale goes live on PinkSale

Marketing for public sale (Reddit, influencers, twitter, shill competitions)

Public sale goes live on PancakeSwap

Meme competitions + Giveaways

Sale of NFTs

Phase 3: Growth • CMC + CG

Community package holiday giveaways

Consolidate use-cases for SurfMoon + budget allocations

Team expansion

Phase 4: Expansion

Platform combining travelling, NFT’s and gaming

P2E mobile and browser games

Regular package holiday giveaways for dedicated members

Larger NFT Library

Live travel comparison site with the aim to gain package provider partnerships

This is what I can say in this article. If you need accurate and reliable information, you can visit their official link, which I have provided below:

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