SurfMoon - A travel-based BNB redistribution token focused on rewarding its holders

Hello everyone... Here I will inform you by writing a review to introduce a very unique new project called SurfMoon, so for that, have a look at the article I created below to give you a very good overview of the project, then What benefits do they provide to everyone? Let's go straight to the discussion below.


Community-based tokens and the DeFi movement have become monumental in the past year. From seeing this token ad campaign on billboards in major cities globally, to the use cases of this token evolving to propel the DeFi movement to new heights. Digital currencies are starting to look like a viable alternative to conventional financial models, and the rapid developments we have seen are unlikely to stop. Although these tokens are often called 'shitcoins', they do not reward those who have strong teams and developers who aim to solve problems and bring the community together. This effectively means that at some point, cryptocurrencies can and are expected to be used as a method of payment and interaction with the real world. This is already paying off, you can use a crypto debit card to pay at the store; without the fluctuations usually associated with cryptocurrencies by utilizing stable coins. You can buy watches online, buy tokens with charitable causes, PayPal payments will be fulfilled via cryptocurrency, medical data can be shared, cloud storage can be paid for multiple listings. He it's no surprise that at some point you can buy real estate using these tokens/coins, and at the current level of development, this may be imminent. This brings us to SurfMoon.


SurfMoon is a travel-based redistribution token on the Binance Smart Chain. By leveraging a smart tax structure that rewards holders and by building a strong community, we aim to create a link between cryptocurrency, NFT and the travel sector. The long term goal is to at some point have a platform where users can compare flights, rental cars, travel insurance, hotels and so on through our platform. SurfMoon platform. SurfMoon will also be giving away regular prizes in the form of holiday packages and other travel related products to lucky holders.


The ability to pay for travel using cryptocurrency i.e. partnering with leading flight, hotel and rental providers is SurfMoon's long-term goal. This will not only mean making it easier for millions around the world to book their vacations, but it will also create huge opportunities for SurfMoon. Of course at present the viability of such a move is low, but with increasing demand year-on-year for travel, secure payments, and cryptocurrencies in general, it is not impossible that one day we can hope to achieve this goal.

Why pay with cryptocurrency?

Other than the obvious reasons, such as decentralisation, removing the middle man and quicker transaction fees there are also a few other advantages, such as getting rid of problems with exchange rates, and travel ‘brokers’ that seek to take advantage by inflating prices.

We would also like to offer exclusive discounts to those holding SurfMoon, the details of which will hopefully be announced in the near future. Of course bringing all of these ideas to life will require a large budget, which we seek to raise through our buy/sell tax structure, donations pools, and through NFT sales. These tax structures will help us bring our giveaways to life, including package trips to major destinations around the globe.


Our tokenomic structure includes BNB reflections, which are current trends in the community coin space. It differs from native token reflection in that it prevents the chart from dumping from selling, as well as promoting holding and inspiring investor safety. If the token market cap suffers, everything holding the original token suffers too. Meanwhile, if the BNB reflection is distributed, it is likely that it has an impact on smaller investors' portfolios. In addition, BNB reflection also promotes token purchase, because it can serve as a passive means income.

Total BNB Paid (All Holders): 1657.4859 BNB ~ $903,727.60 USD
My Rewards Pending: Connect your wallet to check
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Phase 1: Launch

Deploy Surfmoon Contract
Publish SurfMoon website
Assemble a dedicated team who believe in the long
term vision
Conduct a private sale
Marketing for whitelisted presale applications
Surfmoon whitelist presale applications open

Phase 2: Development

Marketing for whitelisted presale
Whitelist presale goes live on PinkSale
Marketing for public sale (Reddit, influencers, twitter, shill competitions)
Public sale goes live on PancakeSwap
Meme competitions + Giveaways
Sale of NFTs

Phase 3: Growth

Community package holiday giveaways
Consolidate use-cases for SurfMoon + budget allocations
Team expansion

Phase 4: Expansion

Platform combining travelling, NFT’s and gaming
P2E mobile and browser games
Regular package holiday giveaways for dedicated members
Larger NFT Library
Live travel comparison site with the aim to gain package provider partnerships

For more information about SURFMOON, click the link below



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